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    Update on holster.

    I've had my new holster for quite awhile now and I can only say I'm very pleased. The holster holds it's shape quite well even with frequent usage. It still fits my gun like a glove. I'm so enraptured with it, I ordered another for my S&W M&P Compact
    Comfort is the word. The holster is so light and fits so well, you almost forget you're wearing it. The only issue I had was when wearing the holster in crossdraw mode the paddle prevented me from getting a good grip as it partially blocked my hand. That problem was solved with a call to Isabel at THC. She rushed me the loop attachment, which is much narrower than the paddle and now I crossdraw like the best of them. A special thanks to Isabel meine freundin.
    Give Tennessee Gun Works a chance, you won't be sorry. Leather Holsters for Springfield XD, Glock, 1911, M&P, Beretta, Ruger, Sig, Taurus, Kahr,.
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    That sounds like a really good IWB holster and it's even competitively priced. While I don't have my cc permit yet, I am concerned about sweat. I've worn a few holster arround the house, and found that I soaked them with sweat without any unusual exertion. Thank you for the review of this holster. I like the idea of variable cant too.

    Thanks again and God bless.

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