Found what I was looking for.........
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Thread: Found what I was looking for.........

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    Found what I was looking for.........

    Some readers may recall that I was searching for an IWB holster which had the options of a sweat shield and the ability to pivot to adjust the cant. I conducted an exhaustive search on the internet with the following results. Most makers did not offer both options, you could typically get one or the other. Some makers would add a sweat shield for additional cost and delay, none I found would add a pivoting feature.
    I did locate three makers that featured both options on their designs, but their delivery time was from 16 weeks to 6 months.
    I was about to throw in the towel when I came across the Tennessee Holster Company,
    Their holser design had both features I was looking for. I immediately emailed then for the dreaded delivery date and was pleasantly surprised when told it would be sent immediately. I placed my order and was holding my holster 3 days later.
    The holster can be had with either a belt clip or leather loop attachment in your choice of black or medium brown. I chose the clip which easily fits on my 1.75" belt. The clip is unique in that it is mounted on a paddle and can be worn in several ways as shown on the THC web site. The clip is very strong and will not open when the gun is drawn.
    The leather used is somewhat thinner than normal, but I noticed a better fit this way as bulk is reduced, something needed in a IWB holster. There is a double layer of leather on the sweat shield and holster mouth which aids in reholstering. Stitching in contrasting thread is flawless. Fit on my Springfield XD-9 is glovelike and the Holster appears to have been wet molded. My favorite feature, the pivoting belt clip, was well designed. A locking screw can be loosened, the cant adjusted, then retightened with a supplied allen wrench. I really like being able to carry behind the hip or crossdraw. Also included with the holster are complete instructions for it's care and maintainence.
    The buyer may also purchase additional clips or loops and a heavy duty matching belt can also be had for less than $50.00.
    Holsters are available for a wide variety of guns to include Sigs, Walthers, S&W M&P's, Glocks, Springfields. etc. Prices are very reasonable especially an incredibly low $5.00 for priority mail shipping.
    Lastly the THC staff is helpful and happy to assist their customers and potential buyers.
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    Glad to here your were able to find what you were looking for.
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    This looks like a nice holster I may try one for my Kimber. I like my Comp-tec holster but it gets kinda sweety next to the skin. Thanks for sharing
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    I got a kick out of the website and a look at some interesting looking holsters.

    Let us know how you like it after you've had it a while.
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    Great. I'm glad you found something that worked for you.

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    Good for you. I'll just throw in that Tucker Gun Leather makes a great IWB with sweat shield that is tuckable, cant adjustable as well. I use one for all my Kahr's and absolutely love it.
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    how is the breaking in coming? Updates please

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    glad you found what you wanted. hope it works well for you.
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  10. Congratulations of finding what you were looking for... now you'll have to do a write up on it for us! :y:

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    I'm always looking for a good inside the waistband holster for my Glock 22. Currently I use an Uncle Mike's sidekick size 16, which works well for me, except since it does not have a sweat shield, I have to wear a t shirt underneath my shirt to keep sweat off my gun. I'm wondering if these holsters maintain their shape when the gun is removed. What I dislike about many IWB holsters is that as soon as the gun is removed, they don't hold their shape, and this complicates reholstering. I already like that this holster has a sweat shield, but if you can tell me that it holds its shape, I would definitely be interested in switching to it.

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