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    NovaTac lights?......

    Got to say freaking sweet.I have never liked anything but my surefire's(be them overpriced)until I say this NovaTac 120T A led light slightly shorter than 3.5" runs on one batterie (123 )has three light settings with strobe on all settings,.3,10and 120 lums. Don't know the run time though after using two batteries for usage and brightness testing I say 1.5-2.5 hours on high, maybe or so on 10, and at least 14+ on low. I would highly recommend this model for any one looking for a concealed carry/shooting light.Cost is around 129.>

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    Thanks for the review. It might be something I want to add to my flashlight collection. Right now I am carrying a Streamlight Strion. I chose it mostly because I wanted something I could recharge at home or in my car.
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