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    Silent Thunder STX

    I currently use a Max Tuck IWB for my SR40c and highly recommend it. I decided to add an OWB and after checking 3 million holster maker web sites I ordered a Silent Thunder STX made by Garrett LLC. Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with Garrett's products that they could share?
    Any input would be appreciated.....thanks.

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    I own a silent thunder and love it. I highly recommend the company and the folks running it are responsive and polite. They seem to really want your business. They are my holsters of choice from this point on. Cant say more than that.
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    I have used a Silent Thunder IWB holster for several years. After I learned the plastic clip that holds it to my belt is fragile and must be handled carefully, I have had no problems. I would not hesitate to buy another.

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    Received my Silent Thunder STX in the mail today exactly 14 days from order to delivery. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and the leather lining is terrific. The holster has two tension adjustments to tune it to your taste. This is my first OWB holster and I can see that I'll need a new stiffer gun belt and I'll be set. I highly recommend this holster to anyone in the market for a new holster.

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    I own several Silent Thunder holsters, all OWB. In my opinion, the Silent Thunder is the best kydex holster available. That said, I have a government model 1911 with front cocking serrations that shave the leather lining of the holster. When I decrease the holster's tension so that the serrations no longer shave the leather, retention suffers dramatically. In the end, I still prefer quality leather holsters but Silent Thunders are a close second.

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