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  1. Question holster shirts

    Whats everybody experience with holster shirts, any good? one design or brand better than the others?

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    I have ABetterHolster t-shirt. For what it is it works great. If your want a quick draw setup, for get it. That's not what it's for. If you want deep concealment, it works for that. Be careful about accepting hugs. That could give you away.
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    I have two 5.11 tshirts. They fit me better and are made a little better IMO. I do have a better holster one also.

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    ''Be careful about accepting hugs. That could give you away.'' i learned that last night at a drum circle i attended a woman who loves to hug everyone felt my bulge the other night when she gave me a hello hug i tried to move my body so she wouldn't notice but it was too late she moved her hand up off that bulge and still gave me a bear hug ......when she hugged me good bye she was more careful where she put her hands .....but neither of us said a word about what that lump at my side was .......
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    Lol. Eagleeyes, your story just sounded dirty then. Im sorry. Had to say. I read it out loud and coworker walking by started laughing.
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    rotflmao!!!!!!!!!! btw i'm female so there no 'bulges' on me like the kind you were thinking with your 'dirty' mind

    but i guess that could sound like the begining of a porn story
    gun control is being able to hit your target

  8. holster shirts

    I have been looking at the center of mass shirts any thoughts on them good bad ugly??? http://www.center-of-mass.com/Store_Holsters.htm

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    Somewhere along the way somebody suggested that when you CC and you exchange hugs that you keep your elbows tight to your body. Spread your arms out and the other person will naturally hug you higher up and away from your firearm. This will all seem natural and they will be none the wiser. It has worked well for me so far. The only problem I have is retraining myself to hug with my elbows tucked in.
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  10. Hmm that's a good idea might need practice on that one

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    I figure if we're close enough friends that we're exchanging hugs, you know I carry and finding a gun on my hip will be no surprise. If we're not that good of friends, you shouldn't be hugging me, which would mean I've lost my situational awareness and I have a bigger problem.

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