For the few of you who carry Baby Desert Eagles.....
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Thread: For the few of you who carry Baby Desert Eagles.....

  1. For the few of you who carry Baby Desert Eagles.....

    What holster do you use? I'm looking for a lefty IWB holster for small-of-the-back carry, but I haven't seen too many options out there. I have the compact steel-frame 9mm, 3.64" barrel. Any recommendations?

    I'm looking for legitimate suggestions here, not suggestions like "buy a Glock".

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    those are heavy guns for the size i would recommend a crossbreed style holster for it to keep it secure and distribute the weight
    best wishes
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    Milt Sparks makes one (but you'll have ~ five month wait (IMO, it's worth it). I received mine today, excepting the usual new holster tightness, its great! Very comfy, fits & carries well.

    There are some holsters and accessories here ( Jericho) - they are selling Fobus and RSR

    IMI Defense also has some stuff: Polymer Holsters from Israel | IMI Defense Ltd.

    MRI has some on their site: MRI Shop / Baby Desert Eagle Holsters

    Amazon has at least one: Holster for Desert Eagle Baby Eagle or Jericho Pistol: Sports & Outdoors

    And this place looks they have a bunch: THE HOLSTER STORE | Search Results.

    There's a bunch more on the Google'd list. I have the Milt Sparks (Belt) and a Galco Cordura (IWB), and some other Cordura hosters from Biancho, DeSantis, Uncle Mike....

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    This is what I have for mine:
    BLACKHAWK! Ambidextrous Holster w/Mag Pouch - BLACKHAWK!

    I believe size 6 or 5, can't recall. I looked around for the package/booklet but not sure where I put it. May have fallen down back behind something (the booklet). You can get away with most anything made for the CZ-75s except for some of the plastic molded things. I picked mine up at Wal-mart of all places. Sounds like we have the same size model, you have the all steel and I have the polymer version.

  6. Thanks for the input guys. I wound up going with one from The Holster Store. We'll see how it goes.

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    Let us know how that works out for you. I am sure there are others that have our choice in sidearm that would be interested as well.

  8. I went with the Pro Carry HD clip-on holster from The Holster Store. It's still in the break-in process, but seems to work well so far. It's got a nice snug fit on the gun and isn't uncomfortable to carry, even for a fat person, or to be PC, someone who is calorie-rich.

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    For the few of you who carry Baby Desert Eagles.....

    Thanks for the info. Let us know what you think, once you've got it broken in.

  10. Alien gear has a great IWB tuckable holster the Cloak Tuk 3.0

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