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  1. I see absolutely no reason why anyone would want to announce that they either carry or do not carry a weapon. Stickers are bad enough, but with a badge you run the risk of a potential problem with impersonating a LEO if you show it in the wrong situation.

    Remember, with liberals as described in the above vandalism, you are dealing with vindictive people who would love nothing more than to say that you flashed your gun, when perhaps the wind blew your cover shirt. Or that you pointed your gun at them, when no such thing happened. The antis will do whatever it takes.

    The sick part is that they do not even realize that they are being indoctrinated to be good little sheep who will be totally dependent on the government for all that they need or require.
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    Exclamation contact the news channel

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    Contact the news channel in your area. Ask them to run a special interest item on what happened. Get three estimates and send them via certified mail to the local Democratic HQ. Ask them to explain the actions of their supporters on camera and ask them to pay for the damages.

  4. These things are silly. Point is, if you point your gun at another, your are going to get shot.

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    I'm with Red Hat. I'll let'em find out the hard way. Concrete and pavement tastes bad no matter how you end up eating it.
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