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    Quote Originally Posted by liquidr1 View Post
    I just orderd the supertuck for my glock 27. Anyone here carry a glock 27 in a supertuck?
    I carry a G26 in a Supertuck and I love it bro. I sometimes forget it is there. It might take you two days to get it to mold to your body but after that you are good to go. It's an awesome holster.

  3. Well?? I myself have been waiting for them to offer mag carriers. So today I called them. And ordered a supertuck with a dual mag pouch. Both horse hide, no combat cut, 1911 holster. I sure hope this works out for me? I have one heck of a holster collection. And thinking I need to settle down alittle on gun and holster buying.

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    Just looking at the thing, I can't see how you could tuck your shirt in? Anybody got pics of that?
    I can't really see anything in the ones in the article someone posted (pic too small/taken too far away)

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    No Pics; but I'll try to describe how I tuck in my shirt.

    1st method=
    After my holster is in place and I have holstered my firearm, I tuck my shirt-tail in everywhere. Then I pull the part of the shirt that is now behind my holster "out"; and let it hang in front of the holster.

    I then use my thumb to pull the waist band away from the holtered firearm; and at the same time I use my "off" hand to tuck my shirt back in between the firearm and waistband. Then I "blouse" my shirt-tail beginning where the firearm is holstered and working my way around my waist.

    (Be sure and tuck behind the clips and tuck your shirt in as far as possible.)

    Method #2=
    With your holster in place, but your pants still "unfastened," begin to "tuck". When you get around to the holster, "holster" firearm. Then bring the shirt-tail over the firearm and "tuck" between the gun and waistband.

    (Again, don't forget to tuck "behind" the clips.)

    Then fasten your pants and tuck everthing in as far as possible. Take time to look in a mirror and check the belt and shirt alignment. Once everything is aligned properly, "blouse" your shirt tails starting in the "front"; then work around "both" sides (simultaniously) toward the "back".

    Re-check for any printing issues and you're done.

    It may take a few times to get the results you want.

    NOTE: ("IF" you can't "blouse" your shirt without it coming out of the waistband, you may have to get "longer" fitting shirts.)

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    There are seveal videos showing how to tuck in your shirts with this holster. Hopes it really works that well as I have one on orderl.

    YouTube - Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe Tucked In With a White Shirt

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    The videos are what sold me on the Crossbreed. I ordered mine a little over a week ago. Hope it arrives soon. I'm itching to wear it!

  8. Can't wait for mine! Natural horsehide, combat cut, and V-clips for my Taurus PT145. I'll post photos and a review when I get it.

    Anyone have experience with the V-clips?

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    I've used a Supertuck for the past year with my G19 and love it.

    I have carried since 1975 on a daily basis and have never used an IWB holster this comfortable, nor had a waist holster that concealed as well in as wide a variety of clothes.

    As far as belts. I have been using Amish made belts for the past few years and find they hold up very well and support my Glock as well as a dedicated gun belt...for about 1/3 the price.

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    Do you have a link where I can get an Amish made belt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    Do you have a link where I can get an Amish made belt?
    My wife says she got the last one from Hanks... Amish Belts - Black...But I have seen them at Lehman's and on eBay also.

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