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    Just a follow-up to my earlier post. Seems like they are staying super busy. Ordered it on the 18th and got an email last night that my holster should be done by end of next week. So that's a solid 3 weeks. Right on target from what they said in their FAQ's.

  4. I am getting the same setup. How much larger did you have to go witlPh your pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grady202 View Post
    I am getting the same setup. How much larger did you have to go witlPh your pants.
    1. I need to lose weight cause I don't want to buy new pants (embarrasing to say that I've put on that much weight! )
    2. Probably a size up or so to make it feel comfortable. So if you're a 34 then go to a 36, etc. - South Carolina's dedicated gun forums

  6. I went up one size on the waist for IWB crossbreed holster..

  7. I have to wear sport coats and dress slacks often, and I found a nice pair of all all year wool slacks on Lands End that have a room to grow feature - good for Thanksgiving as well. It is not just elastic puckering, but material that overlaps and is able to expand. You would NOT know it had this feature to look at it. Slacks fit good wheter i have my iwb on or not.

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    I just received my supertuck for my new Taurus 709 slim. I really like it so far. I'm going to have to get one for my XDc45 now.

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