Mc Daniels II ??????
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Thread: Mc Daniels II ??????

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    Mc Daniels II ??????

    Does anyone else use one of these?
    I recently got one for my Kimber Custom Target II and WOW!!!! I love it.

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    Not I. Do you have a link or a pic of it?

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    I really like this holster. I was worried that wouldnt like the IWB type holsters but I am glad I tried it.

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    Yes sir my kimber rides one. I also have the good fortune of living close to his shop.Really good leather and people.

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    He also make a nice combo mag and light holder

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    nice site. a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. it looks very, very well made ..... with panache.

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    He makes quality stuff. I have a dbl shoulder rig and a sob with reverse twist that he made for me in hte early 90's.
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    I have been using this holster for IDPA and it is the one I use when out riding my Harley. It is very comfortable to wear.

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