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    Level 2 Holster

    I am looking for a level 2 holster that can be used for either Open or Concealed Carry. I want to be able to get the same type of holster for both the Hi-Power and the 1911. I really like the Blackhawk Serpa, but they do not make one for the Hi-Power and, no, the 1911 model does not work for the Hi-Power.

    Anybody have any ideas or suggestions?


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    chose belt or paddle I like the paddle myself, but they are harder to find ...

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    What kind of retention device are you looking for? Are you looking for a button device similar to the one found in Serpa holsters, a thumb break, or something else? If I know what your preference is, I can at least narrow down the possibilities.

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    I am looking for a holster with a button device. I do not want a holster with a “snap strap” that goes over the hammer. I really like the Serpa, but it doesn’t work for a Hi-Power. My goal is to have the same thing for both 1911 and Hi-power.


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