California Indian Reservations ccw?
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Thread: California Indian Reservations ccw?

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    California Indian Reservations ccw?

    Arizona has multiple Indian reservations, and many of them accept ccw on their land for those who have ccw accepted by Arizona, but many do not. Does anyone know if any of the California Indian reservations accept ccw? I know it is up to the tribal leaders, but how to find out? Some have said that you cannot ccw because it is considered Federal land, but I understood the reservations to be like a soveregn nation, not Federal land. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm most curious about San Manuel, and Pala. Thanks, Bersa

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    My guess would be in California no. I have no real idea though, just a guess. :)

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    You need to contact the tribal authorities and inquire as to their regulations regarding CCW.
    I know of no other way, and I would imigine most do not allow CCW on the tribal reservation for non residents.



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    I've written letters requesting this info from three of the main reservations in So. Cal, asking what their policy is for when I visit the casino. I asked that if they don't permit concealed carry with California permit, do they allow for the weapon to be locked unloaded in the car? I wrote these three letters two weeks ago, but no response yet from any of them. When I get responses, I'll report again.

  6. I've asked about reservations in other states and was told similar comments. Every reservation has different laws and limitations. If you know the name of the reservation, you could probably do a Google search to find some contact information. It would be nice if there was some sort of compilation of reservation laws and it was easily accessible to view. Who knows...maybe there already is somewhere on the internet.

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    Have you checked There is a link @ the top of the page called "Indian Nations" that might have what you're looking for.

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    I have not found one yet that honors CCW's. The eight I checked with all said NO!
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    What about open carry, on ID in Azirona

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    I met indian land

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    Weapons (firearms, knives, etc.) are not allowed in the casinos.

    If you are following CA transport laws, firearms in vehicle in parking is okay.

    When writing to the tribes concerning tribal laws, remember to address it to the tribe's tribal council and mail it to them and not to the tribe's casino.

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