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  1. Clip tool!

    At the urging of some friends I picked up a clip draw ($17 delivered) and mounted it to a P64 I use. It actually sticks to the slide and a spring metal clip screws on...I'm shocked at how secure this is! I love it!

    That aircraft adhesive is strong! It will remove easily and be reapplied with 6 strips supplied with the kit.

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    I've tried the Covert Carrier grip for my Beretta Tomcat but didn't like how it felt when I shot it. I think I'm stuck on the IWB holsters.

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    371 it's primary purpose to secure the weapon so that it does not accidently fall out of a holster? or was it designed for the "mexican" carry method? Many of take pride in our guns and seems to me that some will feel funnt abt gluing a clip to the side of their gun, I know I would..not that I would not at least give it a try tho.
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    Not as effective as a holster, the only gadget like that I use is a set of Barami Hips Grips on a S&W J-Frame.

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    I could see how this would be effective for walking out to the mailbox or maybe running up to the gas station real quick. If you are going to be out of the house for 10-15 minutes this would work, but longer than that, take the time and put your holster on.
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    I certainly have no issue if someone wants to carry this way, I, however, would be uncomfortable without the trigger covered. Your pistol looks like it has a long trigger pull, which would make me more comfortable with it. The main thing is to carry regularly, and if you find this safe and comfortable, I am glad you found a good way to carry.

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  8. This is designed as the primary carry method...nothing to hold it in a holster or anything else.

    I find it extremely secure and I also take pride in my guns and would never do anything to ruin their finish or value. This is attached with a strip of aircraft strength adhesive that is easily removed.

    This little pistol does have a long trigger pull as well as a heavy double action pull so I feel safe. And I see little difference with this type of carry compared to many that claim to pocket carry (not always with pocket holsters). In your pocket the pistol can move around at least on my belt with this clip draw it is secure and motionless. This pistol also has a decocker saftey that I have full confidence in and use. I find this extremely comfortable and secure. Not recommending it for everyone but I'm sure you've all tried something that cost alot more and hated the fit, feel size etc.

    Just a field report for any open interested minds.

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    I'm another that likes a belt clip on my weapon. On small weapons with the clip near the rear of the weapon will pocket carry very well. It just looks like a knife clipped to the inside of you pocket. Carrying it IWB conceals much better than having it in a bulky holster. You just have to try it and see if you like it. If I could make a make a holster that worked perfectly for everyone I'd be rich! :D
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    Hey carguy, I hope I didn't come across like I was insulting you for using the belt clip. I carry double action with no safety. I would be uncomfortable without the trigger covered. That is my opinion and opinion only. You carry how your comfortable and I appologize if I was insulting.

    thanks for your input :)

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  11. DrD

    I sorta got twisted around with your comment about taking pride in you guns and the insinuation that maybe I didn't. But I understand and appreciate your recent comment. As I mentioned this was just a test of something that I actually ended up liking...becasue I did I wanted to let others know.

    Maybe there are other closet clip carriers out there like me and Red Hat..:)

    DrD we are cool...thanks...

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