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Thread: M&P Shield vs. ????

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    I carry the Shield in 9mm. Wears good, hides easy and shoots great. Really like the trigger. Worth the wait or extra money.

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    lamerem: I own a full size M&P 40 that I carried since my purchase and I think it is amazing. I carried it in a CrossBreed IWB and was very happy. That said about 6 months ago I purchased a M&P Shield also in 40. I shoot it comfortably my wife shoots it and it is the first pistol she ever shot and she ddid a remarkable job with it and did not complain about recoil. I don't think that the price is out of line and you get what you pay for. Some of the others are no doubt great but I have a Preferrence for S&W. Just sayin and good shopping. I have never had a malfunction with either and both carry well but obviously the Shield is more comfortable due to the weight difference.

  4. WOW, this is amazing feedback. Thank you for such a great response. I'll look into these other models.

    I am in Iowa and printed of a list of Iowa Dealers for S&W tonight. I plan on working my way down the list to see who has what. I would drive upwards of 3-4 hours to pick it up if I could find it relatively close! If I can't find it locally within a few hundred miles, any suggestions other than the normal websites?

    As far as the 9mm and the 40cal debate goes, I think it's personal preference. I have a 9mm and a 45acp but no 40's. My neighbor gave me 900 rounds of Blazer Brass for 40 S&W for free about a month ago because he sold his 40 and hasn't replaced it yet. So I lean more toward the 40 due to the fact that I have $300+ in free ammo. That's incentive if I've ever seen one. That is also a lot of practicing.

    I do also like that the Smith is USA made, and boasts a Stainless Steel slide rather than just coated carbon steel. That is an advantage in my eyes. Also, interchangeable back straps would make it a wife pleaser, I have big hands she has small.

    However, I've heard wonderful things about Kahr, Walther, and Ruger! I have some investigating to do. I look forward to more feedback!

  5. Why can"t I have a neighbor like that?? Mine just borrows tools and when I need them I have to go get them back!!

  6. M&P Shield vs. ????

    I have the XD 45acp and its awesome but hard as hell to conceal. I'm looking at the shield or bodyguard.

  7. So my quest begins. Anyone see one at a gun shop? Looking for a new M&P Shield 40 CAL (NOT MA or CA compliant) with the thumb safety.

    If you see one give me the store name and number and ill see if they can shop it to my FFL!

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: M&P Shield vs. ????

    I am on my phone and can't check for the number, but you might want to check with Shoot Straight in Apopka FL. They have several locations in Florida. They had shields at their Casselberry store this past weekend.
    Their website is shoot-straight.com

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  9. Re: M&P Shield vs. ????

    I carry a Nano and would also recommend the XDs, CM9/PM9, P290..but your insistence on a safety limits you... Ruger LC9? Kimber Solo would be at the top of my list but are much more expensive.

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  10. Called shoot straight indeed they have them, thanks. Now considering forgoing the external safety and looking into the XDs!


  11. M&P Shield vs. ????

    I have the Shield in .40. I have several others in 9mm but love the size and conceal-ability of the Shield.

    Shoots well although a bit more stout than a 9mm. Ammo a bit more expensive but it's a self defense pistol not a range gun IMO.

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