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Thread: M&P Shield vs. ????

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    Compare them all and pick the one that feels right to you. I'm thinking the Shield will win.

  3. Any thoughts on the XD compacts rather than the XDs?

  4. The XDS is thinner than the XD compact. So XDS will have a smaller print, and less to grip with that 45 recoil. Best answer was given above , find someone who will let you shoot theirs or a range that rents and try them all. Only you know what you will feel comfortable with. Just make sure 1) you hit what you are aiming at 2) PRACTICE 3) Pick something that you feel you will carry ALL the time.

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    I got the shield in the .4o cal flavor , it is a really good gun ! Put it through some pretty hard shooting and it held up really good so it is to me a good reliable pcs. ! The only sad thing is smith said there will be all the assesary available NOT I've had a order in four 4 -7 rd. mags since last May and being a really nice pcs. if I knew this before I bought it I would have gotten some thing different !

  6. Can't you get aftermarket mags? It is such a hot gun right now that they can't even make enough of them.

  7. I thought about the shield (if I could find one) but I have a 9C. Especially being a lefty and not wanting an external safety on my gun, there wasn't enough of a difference in the size compared to my 9c for me to look at it. I shot my friends XDS but didn't enjoy it very much. Kind of felt like hitting a baseball with an aluminum bat on the handle. Too much jolt for me. I would rather have better shot placement with my 9mm especially with follow up shots. Looking at a CM9 for the hot summer days. By the way, I appendix carry.

  8. I've heard that the shield is also available without the external safety.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by lamerem View Post
    I've heard that the shield is also available without the external safety.
    Please tell me where you heard this. As far as I know, it is only available with the safety.

  10. I was on gun broker and one of the listings I saw safety no external safety. I didn't think it was right.

  11. You know when you can buy a new gun on a certain day it's like a kid on Christmas Eve. Hopefully they'll still have one available.

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