M&P Shield vs. ????
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Thread: M&P Shield vs. ????

  1. M&P Shield vs. ????

    Ok folks, here's the deal. Wife and I were out over the weekend and witnessed a pretty nasty mall fight. Didn't have my carry due to its a full size and was not attire appropriate. We both decided that we will not be without a firearm ever in the future! Not to say it would have been needed, but not having it was very uneasy!

    So with her blessing I'll be buying a new compact firearm next week. I am looking at the M&P Shield in a 40 cal with the thumb safety. Yes I like thumb safety and I'm used to it due to my other firearms.

    I'm looking for owners of this fire arm in 9mm or 40 cal and your experiences and thoughts. I am also looking to broaden my horizons with other options. What do you carry that's comparable in size. I like the XDs but the lack of safety options has me turned off. I also like the Walther PPS but again the safety is an issue.

    So the true question, M&P Shield vs. what? The downside is the Shield is one of the hottest guns on the planet right now and has an MSRP of $449. Almost every dealer is backordered. Though it is available elsewhere for about $100 over MSRP. But I'll pay for the convenience and safety.

    Your thoughts? Dislikes and likes? This is completely open speak your mind!

  3. I use the xds as one of my concealed carries. I also use SR9c. Both with crossbreed holsters. The Ruger carries well and has a thumb safety. My 2 cents.

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    I have this on a 9...have shot the 40. Very snappy due to size. Overall great gun. This trigger is muh better than lc9. Or other similar size
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  5. It's my husband's off duty carry now. He pocket carries it quite easily. It's a little snappy, but has a nicer trigger than the SW bodyguard semi which I carry. The mag release is in just the right place though, that I sometimes depress it while shooting and get a failure to feed.

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    Re: M&P Shield vs. ????

    I have the 40 and my dad has the 9. The 40 is a little snappy. I carry mine IWB. The XDS has a grip safety. I am planning on comparing my 40 to the XDS. What state do live in? They are available here in Florida.

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    Try the Taurus...

    I carry the Taurus 709 - it's a compact 9mm single stack that has the thumb safety you are looking for. Also a very hand 'double strike' feature that lets you drop the hammer a second time on a bullet if it doesn't go off on the first try. (single action initial pull, double action on follow up strikes on same bullet).

    Sometimes you get one that's defective, (find me one company that never has any problems) but Taurus has a lifetime guarantee that transfers with new ownership... so just be prepared to send it back in if you get one that misbehaves. I've not had any major issues with mine.

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    I bought the Shield in 40 cal a few months ago and it has become my main carry piece. The 7 round mag fits my hand perfectly.

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    I just got an LC9. I like the small thin frame and I feel like it gives me a thinner profile for pocket carry. For me, it feels like a solid mouse gun that takes a 9mm cartridge. Only thing I don't like is the long trigger pull, but I can train that out of myself. I looked at and test fired the XD - just don't like that grip safety.
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  10. M&P Shield vs. ????

    I have the 40, and while it is snappy it is still easy to shoot and you can get good groups. Had a Kahr CW and SIG 250, liked them both, but the shield has a better trigger.
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  11. I carry a Kahr CW9 8 shot 9mm. Hides very easily, shoots every time, and will shoot 2" groups at 10 meters. I know, my wife shoots them all the time with it. We both like the trigger pull, not nearly as long as Ruger LC9. My preferred carry piece and I always have it on me. Even in malls where they have "no guns allowed" signs. It is well concealed and would only be noticed if we were faced with a life threatening situation and I had to use it.

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