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Thread: Bed rack for rifle or shotgun

  1. This is a pretty neat idea but like tattedupboy I keep my 12 gauge under the bed right below me. The stock hangs out a little and I can extend my arm and scoop it off the floor if it comes to that close of an encounter. This is one of the reasons I have dogs though, guarantee no one is sneaking in my house without the calvary alerting me first.
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    Yeah, I'd like to do this, but with kiddo's in the house... this is right at their level...

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  4. I have The Back-Up bedside shotgun mount and love it. It's durable and it doesn't require any screws/bolts and my gun doesn't get scratched/dinged up. If you are looking for a shotgun mount for your bed this is a must see....
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    Now I lay me down to sleep......

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    A little further down on their web page is an interview with the president of the product on Fox...

    Gee.. I've never seen him interviewed on MSNBC/CNN (not that I watch those channels!!!)

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