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Thread: Help with holster please

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    My carry rig is DeSantis and I also have a concealed carry rig that is made by Blackhawk. I do not prefer IWB carry. DeSantis is real good equipment, retention and safety and leather quality is all high. The price typically is good for the item you are buying.

  3. Fobus Paddle & Desantis Scabbard

  4. I have a White Hat holster that's similar to the Crossbreed holsters. I wear it daily (only comes off my pants when I wash them) and it's very comfortable. Had to go up a pant size since it's IWB. Since you have three inches to account for, I'd suggest a Crossbreed or similar tuckable holster on one side, and a tuckable spare magazine carrier on the other.

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    I comfortably carry an XD 9 with a Crossbreed IWB. Love it. Same here-I lost ten pounds and suddenly had room for an IWB. If you hate the look of the Crossbreed, order it in black. Also consider the "Combat Cut" option.

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    I like Kholster, almost half of what a Crossbreed costs, you get it in half the time and very comfortable. I'll also second the N82 Tactical. But with a 92, you really want to stick with a 2 clip holster for weight distribution.

    Kholster Holsters 314-669-5780
    CrossBreed Holsters > Home

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    Galco also has a tuckable. It basically the same design as the Crossbreed. I have them both for large frames (1911 5" and H&K 45 and P30).

    I've also had good luck with the IWB holsters designed similar to the Milt Sparks "Summer Special" ... it's not tuckable but works well with over-the-belt shirts, jackets, etc.

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    I like the Kholster a lot.

  9. Aegis Armory Shield is good quality holster that is able to wear in or outside the waistband,.

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