Help with holster please
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Thread: Help with holster please

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    Help with holster please

    Hello everyone I am new here so hope this is gettng posted in the correct spot? But here goes I am a little over 6ft and usually carry my Berretta 92on a holster on my belt. Here is the problem about 3 months ago I really started watching what I eat and excercising more, nothing major but I lost about 3 inches on my waist. So now I have several pair of pants that are really too big, but in very good condition. Someone that I know sugested that I switch to a tuckable holster. I really like the idea since I really dont care for the whol untucked shirt look, just my personal peference. But at any rate can any one suggest a good holster for the 92 that might be worth looking at? I know that it is a large semi auto and others have just told me that I need a to just carry a smaller firearm, but the 92 really fits my hands well, I am very proficient with it and I am used to it plus its affordable to practice with. so please let me know thanks

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    You will get a ton of comments on holsters :) and I'm sure all of them would be fine holsters ... My recommendation would be the N82 tuck able holster I currently use this particular holster fit finish wearability tuck ability comfort all at least 9 out of 10 to me also affordability ...BTW welcome to the Board / forum ;)

  4. Cheaper to buy new pants??
    Punch a holes in your belt??

  5. Crossbreed holsters are nice. I have one and cant even tell im wearing it.

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    I also use the Crossbreed in fact I have one for S&W M&P 40 and One for S&W M&P Shield 40. Of all I've tried and have tried a few Crossbreed Super tuck IWB is my go to choice everyday.

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    I would also recommend the Crossbreed. They actually say that you may need to buy larger pants when wearing it along with an IWB mag holder.

  8. Leather lined kydex is the way I would go. Garrett holsters or Tucker Gunleather are both great with a slight edge towards Tucker (he's more expensive tho).
    You get the retention and hardness benefits of kydex with a finish protecting leather lining. These options aren't cheap but the quality & design is amazing.
    Crossbreed is good for the cost. The advantage of the Crossbreed is that it is so thin but the quality doesn't compare to Garrett or Tucker.

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    Crossbreed would be my recommendation . Love mine.

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    Blackhawk or cheaper fobus will slip in owb holster and the belt is just necessary to hold your pants up then. Amazon you can get a fobus and 5.11 tactical belt for $35 total. I recommend the 5.11 tactical belt ($11)

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    I would recommend the IWB made by Theis Holsters. Same design and comfort level as Crossbreed. $55 for cowhide or $65 for horsehide shipping included. Besides, Theis Holsters is a mom & pop type shop. Always use them when I can.

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