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    I'm on the fence still.

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    I have one and as all the comments above, the pros and cons apply. Access is tough while wearing a belt and what BG is going to listen to you when you say, "Can you hold on a sec, I have to undo my belt." Access is my biggest on the other hand, I have found that wearing joggin shorts with elastic bands is the best garment for the SC..hides well and dark colors don't offer print very well. Kilts also are a good garment so I would think that Bluestringer's GW would do very well with a skirt and a SC.

    I like the holster, but only with certain garments. As for the safety or hammer digging into the "gut", it happened to me but as was mentioned, a minor adjustment fixed that problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLewall View Post
    ... what BG is going to listen to you when you say, "Can you hold on a sec, I have to undo my belt."
    Now that's what I call a deterrent!

  5. I've used a SmartCarry holster for over a year now. I prefer a IWB holster but I often wear slacks to meetings and to work. I carry a .38 special in it daily. I've become used to it and it has never really felt uncomfortable. I go jogging also and keep it on - it doesn't budge, even while I am running. I'd recommend it even if you don't use it everyday. When other holsters aren't feasible to use, a SmartCarry always allows you to carry (at least in places you can carry legally) concealed.

  6. One additional idea that makes the purchase a little more attractive is that the SmartCarry makes a great place to carry cash and credit cards when traveling even without a gun. I keep a little cash in a wallet but the rest of my loot and all my CC's are in my SmartCarry! :D

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  7. I use my SC everyday. If you have any doubts check out this video.

    YouTube - Smart Carry Holster while exercising

    He made like 5 more videos and these videos helped me decide on purchasing a SC. He is a member from

    SC Rocks!

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    Shot these tonight, just in case folks are wondering what the CS looks like up close...

  9. I've had one for about 2 months now and I've found that I use it more and more. Started out with a FIST IWB, but the SC is just so much more comfortable! And easier to conceal for me (all 5'10" and 150lbs of me) :o Sure it's a little slower on the draw, but for me it sure seems easier than constantly checking my 8 o'clock (yeah, I'm a lefty) for bulging.
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    After viewing all of the foregoing comments, testimonials and videos, I can see where there's value in this item, maybe even most especially for a smaller firearm, like a PPK. Looks like a PPK would pretty much evaporate from view when properly positioned.
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    Just as a follow-up.....

    I wore my SC every day this past week. At first I was wearing an undershirt as a cushion between the holster and my skin, but since I'm outside most of the day, that just made me more sweaty, which in turn made the SC less comfortable. I took the undershirt off on Tuesday fully expecting to have to take the holster off after a couple of hours because of scratchiness. But that didn't happen. The materials and the threads in the seams aren't scratchy at all. The rest of the week I wore it all day long with only minor instances of discomfort, mostly related to the pressure from the SC and the gun preventing umm...things from adjusting themselves to standing and sitting positions as they naturally would. A couple or three times I adjusted the height on my waist a little too high, and when I got in the car the hammer of the gun dug pretty hard into my skin. When placed low enough though, nothing on the gun or holster interferes with my considerable dunlop.

    The only time I can't find a way to overcome the drawbacks of this rig is while in the car. With the seatbelt off, it would be very, very difficult to draw the weapon, but with it on, it's literally impossible. The belt rides right over the butt of the gun. If you adjust the belt to sit higher, above the butt, well, that's just another belt that you have to get through, besides the one on your pants, to get to the gun. If you adjust it below the butt, it tightens your pants over the butt making it print noticeably, which is OK if you're by yourself in the car, but useless if you're with someone who doesn't know, and whom you don't want to know, that you're packin'.

    Being as I drive a lot for work, I'm not sure the SC is the right solution for me, but it's the only solution that allows me to carry at work without being noticed, or without having to leave my weapon in the car, which is what I was doing before I got the SC. I hated having to do that and understand the risk, but I have concluded that the risk of having my weapon stolen is outweighed by the risk of needing it and not having it. Now I've solved the problem of not having my weapon in my control at all times, but found that having it in the SC while in the car is tantamount to leaving it at home since I can't get to it. Still haven't decided conclusively if this is the right solution for me all the time, but it's definitely a highly desirable solution for nearly any other circumstance than being in a car.

    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

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