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Thread: Top fanny pack style holsters?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    Now IMHO that screams "gun". You might be better off if the pack had one of those red cross symbols were stenciled on it. ;-)

    "Screams Gun!" That really depends on where you live and it likely only "screams gun" to people who carry guns and what fanny pack doesn't "scream gun" to people on "gun" forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NukeThemTillTheyGlow View Post
    HI, this is my first post as I'm new to the forum.

    I'd like to get some feedback regarding which fanny pack style (or alternative style) holsters everyone has had a good experience with. I am looking for something that will be used when a traditional IWB or OWB isn't viable, like running, biking, maybe hiking.

    I carry a S&W MP& 9c typically, but also have a Sig P220 and others.


    Awesome handle! Allow me to be the first to welcome you to USA Carry from the great state of Indiana. I hope you enjoy this site.

    Have you ever considered a holster shirt such as this?

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    I just bought this belt pouch for my LCP. It's probably a bit small for your guns, the Ruger just fits in snug, but I like it as it's pretty small and padded front and back. I took off the shoulder strap and just use the belt loop. Only problem is that it closes with a zipper, velcro would be better. But I plan on only using it while hiking/fishing/camping. I've got both a front and back pocket holster on order from DeSantis where I will carry the LCP 99% of the time.

    They have a few other cases a bit larger, but most aren't padded so I decided to pass on them for my larger guns.

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    I use a fanny pack for carry occasionally. It works for me and it doesn't scream gun since I'm in an electric wheelchair when I go out. Normally I carry mine in a IWB tuckable Kydex holster but the fanny pack is a little quicker in my chair. If it's concealed who care if it screams Gun! I don't...
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  6. The other problem with purse or fanny pack is one swipe with a knife will get it away from you. My wife has a coranado leather purse that allows gun to be on a lanyard . When snatched it leaves gun in hand.

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    If you have a sportsmans warehouse near you, drop in, they have a huge selection of them in my local store.

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