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  1. Received My Comp-Tac Combo

    I just received my Comp-Tac Combo light/mag carrier.

    I was already impressed with their product having carried with a C-Tac IWB. I am even more impressed with the quality of their products with this latest purchase.

    The combo is custom made to the light you carry and the mag you carry. You specify these when you purchase. I presently carry a Taurus Millenium Pro PT145 and a Pentagon L2.

    This is a great addition to my everyday carry gear, and of course the "Smarties" are always a nice treat as well.
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    I too am sold on Comp-Tac products. I use their holsters for daily carry - comfortable, concealable and presentation is always smooth as butter!
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    Me too, I have the Infidel holster for both my Kimber and my M&P 40c IMB solid well-built holsters. And any time I have ordered they call and let me know what’s going on customer service is OUTSTANDING. My hats off to them, not to mention you get candy too.
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