Wife's new carry gun.
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Thread: Wife's new carry gun.

  1. Wife's new carry gun.

    As the title says, my wife got herself a new carry gun. She was carrying my taurus 85, because carrying her Blackhawk with a 6.5 inch barrel wasn't practical. Anyways, I headed into cabelas to get more pellets for my starling repellent(much fun to be had there). I decided to swing by the pistol counter and take a look. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the pistol. Its a kimber sapphire ultra II. I had originally planned on getting it for my wife on our wedding aniversery, but couldnt track one down. And here one was. So I paid for my things, and called my wife as soon as I got back to the car. Told her about it, and she asked me how it looked. I told her it was an extremely pretty gun and she decided she needed to go see it. I picked her up at the house with her wallet and col in hand and we boogied back to the store. 20 minutes later we were walking out with it and she has had the biggest grin on her face since.

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    Wife's new carry gun.

    Haha nice. Not a big fan of the frame color but the slide looks very nice. And you're lucky you got it after leaving the store. My father in law just bought a G26 after having looking for one for weeks. He called the LGS and they had just gotten three in stock. By the time he got there an hour later there was only one left. I wouldn't have taken my eye off the thing lol.

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    That looks sweet. I'll have to add that to my covet list. I'm sending my hubby the picture. I hope he gets the hint. :-)

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    Congrats to your wife.

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    My sister bought herself a Kimber Ultra Aegis II. It is sad that she has a better gun than me or her husband.

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    Nice looking piece. I hope it serves her well.
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    That is beautiful! I love the Kimber 1911! Congrats on the purchase!

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