Recommended fanny pack for Glock model 26
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Thread: Recommended fanny pack for Glock model 26

  1. Recommended fanny pack for Glock model 26

    Want a "small" fanny pack that will fit or is made for a Glock model 26. Any recommendations? I've done Internet searches and most I've seen are bigger then I would like to have. Thanks

  3. Check the Safepacker. Expensive but versatile. Comes in different sizes.

    Safepacker Holster, black

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    Tommysgunpack, I have one. Wife has one Very well made and designed. I just corrected the name and went to their site. They are expensive but you do get what you pay for with a great warranty. I will have to dig up my invoice from a cpl years ago. Don't remember paying this much but prices may have gone up. No connection to the company but if you get one tell them I sent you Maybe I can get a discount on another.
    Honestly it is made very well and worth the $$$. Check out the link and see the options.
    I only post this to help out my friends here as they also post worthy equipment finds. Good Luck
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    +1 for the Safepacker. It's also great for backpacking or carrying a sidearm while hunting.

  7. Thanks guys ordered a Tommy's gun. Damn expensive but looks like well made. Plus I got the one that just fits my gun and looks like a camera/cell phone case. Figure I will stick a patch on it that is the Cannon camera emblem. Kind of play on words "cannon" :)

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    **Obligatory post saying fanny packs "scream gun" to all who see them** carry on

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    Recommended fanny pack for Glock model 26

    I used a Norma "surfer" Quicksilver fanny pack, for my shorts, casual, beach and pool trips...
    It has a hidden pocket in the back leaving the main pocket available for wallet, extra mag, knife, etc

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    **Obligatory post saying fanny packs "scream gun" to all who see them** carry on
    I don't think so. Depends on the fanny pack. I just got the Tommy's gun small one looks like a small camera case 4"x6". Very well made and secure. Plus very comfortable. This will be my preferred carry. Plus since I always wear the shirt out and wear workout clothes in Vegas this type of carry is perfered.

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    I'm partial to the N82 Professional...padded back side to cover the metal - most similar IWB put bare metal against your skin.....probably have about 8 of them now - first was for my Glock 26.

    Its a holster not a fanny topic...but fanny packs just seem out of fashion and shoot me first looking.

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