I carry a Ruger Sr40c (9+1) and the extended 15 round magazine as spare. This is my first gun. I wanted to get a holster that was basically a self contained system. I looked into Smart Carry, Tactipac Fusionpac, Remora, Sticky Holster & he one i chose was the 3Speed Holster. I was looking for a system that would work with my retired lifestyle. I spend most of the time (Living in the Houston, TX area) in drawstring shorts, and a small percentage in Wrangler jeans. The system consists of a holster mag pouch combo that has a military grade Velcro strap (and it is long) The first thing I did when I received the holster, was to place my unloaded gun and magazine in it. For the first couple of days I just wanted to have the material conform to the gun. Near the end of the week i carried it loaded but not one in the chamber yet. Whenever i had the chance i was practicing a slow draw. This created a groove in the backplate with my thumb. This is what Joe Roger (the inventor and MFR) calls the draw cone. Finally I had a good molding of the holster to my weapon.

After that first week I started carrying from the time i woke up till the time I went to bed. At first I was carrying the 3speed at 12 O'Clock. I would carry it just above the belt line, right at belly button level. This gave me a decent draw just by lifting shirt and finding draw cone with thumb. The last week and a half, I shifted the holster to the 1 O'Clock position (Appendix). I found that when practice drawing (I was doing it in front of mirror), that on occasion my hand or gun was grabbing the actual drawstrings. This slight shift solved that minor problem..The only thing i added was to wear tank top tee shirts, then the holster, and then my regular tee on top. This kept the Velcro off my skin.

Like I said I wear this from Wake till i go to bed. I wear it comfortably in the car, or walking around the neighborhood. Only one person gave me a funny stare once and he is a postal worker neighbor of mine ( so i guess he's seen guns before). After having worn it continuous for three weeks, my wife finally asked me what happened to the holster i bought. I told her i was wearing it without her knowing... She is not a gun friendly person, but accepts the fact that I wear it. One minor drawback was I attended the NRA Convention in Houston (Conceal Carry was allowed at the facility) I spent so much time walking around i thought the 3 speed was maybe slipping down. I tightened the Velcro just a little too tight, and got a small blister on my back from the sweat and friction. I now have that sweet spot of where the holster sits best and how tight to make the Velcro straps.

Another Review of 3 Speed Holster by Shotwell of Defensive Carry Forun (In PDF Format) DefensiveCarry Concealed Carry Forum

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