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    I carry either my Glock G26 G4 or G19 G4 in a Raven Concealment System (RCS) Vanguard 2. Works great.

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    My favorite holsters are all IWB from Greg Kramer. I have 3 of them right now. My all time favorite is the IWB #1 1/2, but I also have a IWB #2 and #3. I originally started off with a Thomas Perfectionist back in 1980's for my SIG
    P226 I carried for duty. I have since given the gun, holsters and 7 magazines to my son.

  4. Lots of good options exist, I really like CrossBreed products. Copying is a sign of a complement, there are many CrossBreed clones on the market today....

    Best wishes, many of us bought a number before we found that one...or two...or three we use routinely.

  5. I have an Old Faithful that I like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r-hakola View Post
    I would recommend looking at Old Faithful Holsters. They have a good IWB holster. Buy it as a quick assemble kit at a great price point.
    I use both IWB and OWB Old Faithful holsters - I consider them very well made. I also use a Remora for my pocket pistol.
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  7. I carry a Glock 19 or 17 in a Aegis Armory Shield holster. Comfortable to wear since day one. Holster came at good price with excellent customer service.

  8. I got one from mtoholster that is just as good or better even than than my crossbreed or oldfaithful holsters. They also have a DIY kit if you are handy like that. Im not, so I bought mine complete. Cant go wrong for less than 40 bucks IMO.

  9. I agree. Have IWB for 1911 and after a couple of days wearing it seems part of me even though still breaking in. Good deal.

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    Another vote for Crossbreed. I love mine.

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  11. Swift Draw Holster

    I carry my M&P Shield everyday in my Swift Draw Holster. Awesome holster for ccw most comfortable I'v worn and didn't have to wait weeks to get it. Swift Draw Holsters Conceal Carry & Open Carry Holsters

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