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  1. IWB Holster

    My daily carry gun is a Glock G30SF. What I was wondering is does anyone knows of a good Inside the Waist Band holster. I'm currently using a cheap holster made by Black Hawk. It's nylon with a metal clip.

  3. I would recommend looking at Old Faithful Holsters. They have a good IWB holster. Buy it as a quick assemble kit at a great price point.

  4. Take at the line of alien Gear holsters. http:/aliengearholsters.com/
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    I went to the local Bill Goodman's gun & knife show and they had a Dealer who made a custom Kydex IWB for my XDM 9mm. He can make the cant to your specs and it fits like a glove! I usually carry small of the back, or slide it around to right hip. Works great last long time!

  6. Richard,

    My daily carry is a Glock 31, I use an IWB holster from Home Page It's all leather and hand made. Brian will make modifications if you want them. I carry it every day on the right side - it is very comfortable. Just my 2 cents worth.

  7. Check out Blade-tech

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    I use the H715 from Don Hume for my LC9. It was recommended to me by a friend. It's high quality. I like it a lot. I usually wear it between a tucked-in undershirt and an untucked exterior shirt. It's form-fitted to your individual gun, and retains the weapon well. They do offer a version with a thumb break if desired.

  9. Thanks everyone for all the input. Some very good suggestions.

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    I carry a 30SF also and use a Foxx Hybrid holster.....love it !
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