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Thread: Open carry law for Michigan on a motorcycle

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    My incredulity wasn't on the CC vs OC laws on a bike. My incredulity was for the comment at the end of dcselby1's post where he said, "I'm sure people would be making calls regarding an armed cyclist." And the only reason I could think of for anyone saying something like that is that MI does not allow open carry anywhere at anytime.

    Why in the world would people start making calls? Most of the time when people are OC'ing anywhere, if people even notice it, they don't pay too much attention to it.
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    I managed to find these videos to clear up any confussion on the OC on a motorcycle in Michigan.

    Part 1 of 4. Officer Paul Albrecht Violates Kimberguy's Civil Rights on Motorcycle - YouTube theres 4 parts.

    I urge you to at least watch the end of the 3rd video and the 4th video for the full answers.
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