Does this look like Horsehide?
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Thread: Does this look like Horsehide?

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    Does this look like Horsehide?

    I picked up a G36 last night in a trade and it came with an Old Faithful IWB, I've had 3 other O.F. IWB's and typically they use very thick, very soft leather. This holster however is completely different. It's MUCH thinner than the others I've had and seems almost flimsy. I though at first that it was just REALLY broken in, but after further inspection I don't think so, It definitely has a different texture than what I've had in the past and while thinner, it does seem denser so I was thinking maybe it's horsehide. What do you guys think? Was going to Oil it but may create a big mess if it is in fact hh.
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    Nope. Watch this video from Old Faithful:

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    Horsehide looks just like cowhide, but it is generally around 5oz max and will be fairly stiff.
    That's because during the tanning process they compress the heck out of it to make it uniform in thickness, and not really a product of horsehide being more dense than cowhide.

    I'll take a good thick piece of cowhide over horsehide any day.

    Horsehide isn't plentiful here like in Europe because we tend to eat more cows. Therefore it is more expensive, and people think because it costs more it is better. Ain't so though.

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