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    All i have for my sig is a bulky paddle hoster so i end up oc most of the time im in search of a good iwb holster any suggestions?

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    A survey of members here shows that nearly 41% use the crossbreed supertuck delux. You can see other results in the concealed carry section under one of the stickys: most popular concealed holster survey.
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    If you want a full grip on your gun a Supertuck is good, if you want a Hybrid but don't want the gun to touch you go with Kholster. N82 Tactical is also VERY comfortable but I only have them for my smaller guns.

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    Kholster. Relative quick delivery, reasonably priced, comfortable to wear, conceals well.

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    N82 ( NATE Squared ) Tactical you wont be sorry. Extremely comfortable and most important functional. Super quality build.

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    Another vote for Nate Squared Professional - the inside against your body is padded - no hot or cold metal against your skin.

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    Just checked out and ordered my n82 cant wait for ut to get here

    Doc Childs
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    I second maybejim's response of get a Kholster. It is equally effective as the Supertuck for about half the price.
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    Supermedic 08173,
    I strongly recommend you chek out The Holster Store - Gun Holsters for a holster that is made for your pistol. I chose the Pro-Carry Deep Comfort IWB holster and have been using it for a couple of years and love it. Price if good and they are made here in the Good Ole USA (Florida). Shipping time was 4-5 days.

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