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Thread: Versacarry?

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    Any own and use a versacarry? If so what are your opinions

    Doc Childs
    sig p250
    1977 Ruger Police Service Six

  3. I have two of them, one for my xds and one for m&p 9c, they both work great, if you use them when wearing t shirts or any shirt that covers your firearm, not for use if you want to tuck a shirt in, depending on how you place it, there is virtually no print. The only problem is that if your in an environment where the humidity is very high or you might sweat a bunch, you will have to wipe you firearm, when you get home.

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    Cool all the reviews ive read said the samethings but i do that anyways i live near the coast and its been a rather wet summer

    Doc Childs
    sig p250
    1977 Ruger Police Service Six

  5. I have one for my Sig SP 2022. I use it every day with no problems.

  6. I have one for my S&W M&P 40 Shield. I love it and use it just about every day. I learned the hard way though, that you have to break it in before making any aggressive draws. I shattered my first one. VersaCarry was very accommodating with the replacement. Excellent customer service!

  7. I have one as a backup holster. Besides the body contact mentioned above, I have had issues with my body activating the mag release on my Walther PPQ M2. I am not crazy with the limited amount of coverage around the trigger guard. I would like a slightly larger protective flap. With a different pistol, YMMV.

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    Take a look at these guys at I have enjoyed the two I purchased.

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