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Thread: Do you believe that a laser is beneficial on a CCW?

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    I have bifocals and iron sights are not good with them. That's why I bought a Crimson Trace laser with my LC9. I really like it. I used to carry a .22 revolver with me on my tractor and would shoot rabbits on the run with it. I doubt I could still do that today. I'm trying to find laser grips for it now because I always likes that handgun.

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    Rarely is a person exposed to "complete" darkness. Most often there is enough ambient light to discern the target. Lights/lasers may be neat, but few folks have the discipline to train properly with them.

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    I mounted a laser on a XD40 sub-compact and had great success. I trained about twice a month at the range and it did wonders for my point shooting. About a year later, I removed the laser and went back to using the sights.

    I have found that I get on target faster and shoot better now that I've removed the laser. I attribute the faster, better shooting to the muscle memory developed from the point shooting.

    I have since sold the XD and use a Shield. I've toyed with the idea of getting a laser for it, but will defer.

    My opinion is that he laser is a great tool to help develop shooting skills, but should not be used as a crutch. Learn to shoot without the laser. If you mount one, don't forget to turn the thing off once in a while and shoot without it.

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    Don't have any lasers on my carry weapons. Only useful application I see is in shooting from unorthodox positions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcreek View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Everclear View Post
    Also mounting a flashlight on your gun?? Yeah right. the light is an easy primary target.
    Ya, randomly throwing lead at vague silhouettes in complete darkness is so much better.
    They sell ones where you can actually hold them in your hand - even without a gun. You can even hold it in ways where the light is away from your body and where you do not have to leave it on all the time - you know, pulse it.
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    Nah. If you need a laser to hit your target, you need to put the gun away until you can hit consistently. The only time I've ever had a laser on one of my guns was when I borrowed a boresighter at the range. Problem ended up being my aim, go figure. Stupid Enfield.

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    I believe a laser can be beneficial in different situations. Rather have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. As others have said, practice is key.

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  10. Weapon light and and meprolights here. I could see a laser handy in oddball position aiming, though. May have to try it, next few years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by the dark View Post
    Don't have any lasers on my carry weapons. Only useful application I see is in shooting from unorthodox positions.
    I rather doubt that a person will be sitting at a shooting bench or in some other standard position when the shooting breaks out and I also doubt that he will have time or will to stand where he is and start shooting, so yes, laser sights would probably be beneficial. My brother-in-law has lasers on all of his CCW's just for that reason, and he's former military and former LEO, so I trust his judgment.

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