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  1. Galco vs Don hume

    I currently use a Ruger LCP 380 for my summer carry in my front pocket. With fall/winter getting close, I would like to start carrying my XD9 4". I have a Crossbreed Supertuck but I would also like to try a owb holster. I have narrowed it down to Galco Concealable belt holster and Don Hume 721 OT. When I will be using the owb, I will probably have a hoddie, vest, or long that has longer tails. Between those 2 holsters, which one is the thinnest leather or stay closer to the body? I have searched high and low and can't seem to find any answer. I have posted on 3 other forums. Over 100 views but not a single reply.

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    Galco vs Don hume

    Hello, I have and recommend the Don Hume, thumb-break, open face, pancake holster, 736. I use them with my Glock's and Kahr's. They're quality is as good as Galco's, and a little less in price!!
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  4. 721OT is tight and high riding. Highly recommend.

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    After carrying my Ruger P345 in an IWB holster for so long I can't get used to carrying it any other way. OWB feels real uncomfortable regardless of which holster I use.

  6. well got to say, the israli fobus paddle holster is a great choice, cheap, 18-20 dollars, easy to put on and take off! not affected by sweat, or elements, no muss no fuss!! the way I like it!!
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