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    What do you guys think is the best gun belt out there right now? I carry mostly IWB but I do have an OWB holster too. I'm carrying a Sig P250 9mm right now.

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    I just got a Disse Gear Amerihide belt I like a lot... No idea how it compares to others but it's great quality and the price is right. Amerihide Leather Gun Belts
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    I just received a belt from The There were many on this site that said it was the best they had ever owned so I bought one. That is all I can say aout it so far.

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    I daily wear a heavy leather belt called "The Lifetime Belt" that I bought from Duluth Trading Company several years ago. While not sold specifically as a gun belt, it fills that function very well and it's made in the US.

  6. I'm pretty happy with this. Price it right and it seems like it will last forever. I recommend following their sizing instructions and then ordering one size larger.
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    My two favorite Belts are from Milt Sparks and Beltman I have belts from both and I will give a edge to milt Sparks although both have been great and do well for my 1911's inside the waist band or outside. Nothing beats a Milt Sparks VMII holster that I have tried......

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    I'm a big fan of Galco leather products. I've got a couple of their belts and several OWB and IWB holsters. I add 2" for the IWB belt and pants. The belts are casual enough for jeans but dressy enough for suits.

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    I've been using one from a handcrafter in N. C. Darned Good quality "feel good, last long time"

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    Two words: Beltman
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