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    I agree with Timothy. A full sized gun can be carried and has advantages. I have carried compacts like the Glock 19 and subcompacts like the SA XD9sc. Subcompacts have too small a grip for three fingers and small magazines. The Glocks compacts (NOT subcompacts) are good. G19-23-32 are no problem. Nonetheless I have carried a Colt XSE government model in a Comptac Infidel IWB with no problem concealing. I currently - for 2.5 years now - carried a Springfield Armory XDM45 4.5" with 13+1 rounds of .45acp, in a Tucker Secret Strike at about the 4 o'clock position. It is just a matter of what you get used to. Once you adapt to a full size gun, you don't want a little two finger grip low capacity mag gun.

    BTW, do a search on small of back carry...VERY dangerous. Broken backs, severed spinal cords, serious injuries from falling back on a SOB carried gun. Police have had bad injuries just falling on handcuffs.

    Back to full size carry, if you ever need that gun, you will likely be very glad it is a big gun.

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    SR9C with High Noon Alter Ego tuckable IWB works great for my frame, 5'9", 180. It's smaller of course, hence the C, but if you're bigger than me that holster might work for you. I thought I'd carry at 5 or 6, but it turns out, not having much butt (ha!) didn't work well for back carry. Side carry is too obvious on anyone that I see try it, but.... the kicker is that I have no gut either, so 12:30 is my spot. I can sit, squat and have complete control at all times. You just have to get used to it pointing at your tripod

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