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  1. Ruger SR9

    Hello, I have a Ruger SR9,

    It is a big gun to conceal and carry. However 1. I love the gun 2. I cant afford another! Do you have any recommendations on what I can do or buy to help with my concealed carry?

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    I carry mine on my back inside the waistband. It is quite large, but concealable there, although if you sit long enough, your butt will fall asleep. Another way would be in a shoulder holster under a jacket or shirt. Hope this helps.

  4. My suggestions: 1. See about working a trade for an sr9c. and/or 2. Get a good IWB holster like a Crossbreed, SHTF or Old Faithful. IWB is probably the best compromise for concealability and comfort.
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    Ruger SR9

    I have a inside waist band for mine works. I am a holster maker so I try a lot of styles
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    I carry an SR40C. I normally carry it with the 9(+1) Magazine and the 15 round in the spare mag carrier. However i have reversed the mags and carried it with the 15 rounder with only a slight whale tail of the grip showing under my clothes. I use a 3 Speed Holster I wear it at 2:00-2:30 making it an appendix carry. I also have a Sticky Holster that is a clip less and works real well when I am in jeans. With the Sticky I can tilt the full sized handle into the edge of my jeans almost completely concealing it.

    Ruger SR9-20130607_121837c.jpgRuger SR9-dscn4718c.jpgRuger SR9-dscn4719c.jpg\

    This on is the Sticky Holster But in Shorts Not as as secure as in jeansRuger SR9-dscn4751.jpg

    With the right Holster and Dress you can conceal a Mid sized (Like SR9)

    If money is an issue I would recommend the Sticky Holster or it's competitor Remora Holster My sticky holster was $25.00 i got it as a gift through Amazon.
    Remora has a coupon Ruger SR9-e255309af840a6e18bf1c052d48057cf.png

    It probably would not be more than $35.00 and they give a magazine holder too.

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    I have an SR9 and love it but, I don't think its a carry gun. I carry an S&W 9MM Shield in a SneakyPete holster on my waistband.

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    I carry the Ruger SR40c with the 15rnd mag in an Alien Gear Hybrid IWB holster ($30) over my right hand back pocket. The only time you can see it printing with an untucked shirt is when you bend over for something.

  9. I would see about trading it for a small compact 9mm like a Sig P938. I made a decision that I will not purchase any gun that I would not plan to conceal carry but that's just me. Thus far i have S&W Bodyguard 38 revolver, S&W Bodyguard 380 and the Sig P938. All quite easily carried concealed.

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    First of all an SR9 IS NOT to big to carry. It is as thin as the SR9c with just a slightly longer barrel. makes a Pro holster for it and it is a comfortable holster.
    Also Old Faithful holster makes a good holster for it.

    If you wear suits or sports coats look at different shoulder holsters.
    Another good holster is the Remora Tuckable without reinforcement...very nice.

    Just try holsters till you find what you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caleb Beech View Post
    Hello, I have a Ruger SR9,

    It is a big gun to conceal and carry. However 1. I love the gun 2. I cant afford another! Do you have any recommendations on what I can do or buy to help with my concealed carry?
    You can easily conceal and carry just about any full sized handgun and the Ruger SR9 is no exception. The most efficient method would be through the utilization of a proper IWB holster. Personally I can conceal carry a full sized SR40 in the 4 to 5 o'clock position with my Crossbreed Supertuck holster and it is virtually undetectable. I actually prefer carrying a larger handgun concealed for many reasons but the most important to me is that it provides the necessary grip length to more easily access and draw your firearm should the need arise. Some of the other bonuses are you get extra capacity over a compact, you have a longer barrel which improves velocity and power slightly, and you get a slightly larger sight radius.

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