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Thread: Favorite concealed carry pistol?

  1. Winter - PT-709 (Yes, Taurus - and it has performed very well at the range. Truth, I don't get why there's so much Taurus-hate! I have four, and they're all good!)

    Summer - PT-738 in a wallet holster

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    I have two Ruger SR40C and a Glock G19Favorite concealed carry pistol?-3speed-4-6-2014.jpgFavorite concealed carry pistol?-glock-3speed.jpg
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    Massad Ayoob says an EDC gun should be:

    "The most powerful weapon you can control, in accurate rapid fire on multiple targets, shoot until the threats have stopped, and incapable of harming you."

    For me, through many guns tried over the years as a firearms dealer, I picked the Glock 23C. Near 100% reliability, under any conditions, and mags that go to 24 rounds of the very powerful .40 S&W.


    My holsters are DeSantis Mad Max waterproofed with Renaissance Wax.

    For woods areas, I go with Glock 10mm

  5. Glock 17.

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    Taurus Judge protector poly loaded with hornady tripple defence. Why shoot some one once with each trigger pull when you have 3 holes per trigger pull
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  7. Kimberly Ultra-carry .45 ACP with Winchester PDX in Hogan Handgun Leather strong side open top pancake holster. Dead accurate, legendary 1911 reliablility, with second to none concealability, and stopping power. None better (if your experienced with a single action)

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  8. Oops. That should say KIMBER. I hate "autocorrect" Don't you? I have an M&P Shield I carry often. Used it in an advanced personal defense 3 day course. Shot almost 750 rounds through it in 3 days of intense tactical senarios. Great little gun (.40 S&W) Short grip frame can make tactical reloads iffy. My only issue with the gun.

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  9. I carry a Les Baer Custom Carry .45 or a Kimber Custom Aegis II 9mm. Carry both in a D. M. Bullard iwb.

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    Good pictures. I have a belt that is a lot like yours with the double row of holes. I have had it for at least 10-12 years, and wear it everyday for my C/C IMB holstered SR9. I find it to be a great belt as I have a clip that secures my cell phone holster hooked to it and have at times secured other thing to it by clipping through the holes. great utility belt. I bought the belt at Wally World for about $12-$14 dollars. It is pure heavy cowhide and is brown. They do not sell that same belt anymore, but do sell some similar where I live. I also bought a similar belt at Wilson's Leather Store a while back, cost $30.00, in black, nowhere near as good a belt as the old one.

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    IWB carry CZ P-01 9mm 3.8" or XD 9mm 4"
    OWB carry CZ 75B 9mm 4.6" or Springfield A1 1911 .45 5"

    Chickasaw/Choctaw Indian

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