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    I carry iwb at about 2 o'clock. I tried 3 and 4 o'clock but my right shoulder just doesn't like to go back that far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by telpinaro View Post
    I normally carry around 4 o'clock. It's comfortable, it conceals, driving isn't a problem, and provided I "unconceal" (pull my shirt/jacket up over it) when I get in the car, it's pretty easy to access. I finally found a holster that allows for appendix, but it's difficult to get it comfortable. Haven't tried driving with that yet... I do want to use it more when I can, especially with as icy as it is, because even at 4:00 the end of the gun touches my spine. The location on my back makes injury unlikely, but the damage possible with back injuries is kind of the one you want to avoid at all costs.
    Pretty much the same for me. Comfortable position, conceals well, no problem entering/exiting vehicle, and I can easily draw with the seat-belt on as it is behind the buckle. I carry either an XDS or XD40sc and the grip is no where near my spine.
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    Appendix in a belly band holster (3Speed Holster ). I just pull my outer shirt out of seat belt. I can reach my firearm very quickly seated and belted. i also have a Sticky Holster when Driving i just wedge firearm in Sticky Holster between seat and console.

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    Appendix is harder for a larger guy, 4oclock is what seems to be the best for me. Easy to drive/sit and quick to draw.

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    4:00 is most comfortable for me, but 3:00 conceals better, so that is where I carry. Have just switched to OWB after using IWB.

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    I know it doesn't solve your problem for all the time, but as far as for in the car, can you mount a good retention kydex holster in your car? If it is bolted to the area of the console that sits just to the right of the driver's knee, it is easily concealed by your knee/leg, but easy to draw if needed. When you get out of the car, grab it & pop it on your waist. I don't think driving with mine is particularly comfortable either, especially with long rides.

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  8. Thanks for the reply. I have found that moving the holster to carry at about 4/5:00 allows me to drive with it comfortably. A quick little adjustment of the grip as I sit down and I then don't notice it.

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  9. I've noticed that carrying in the small of back can be embarassing if you're somewhere with chairs that have an open area in the back. Standing up and having the back of the chair hook the top of your gun is not only very un-tactical, it draws everyone's attention.

    I carry at the 4-ish position, right above my back right pocket. I have found that this position helps prevent me from whacking doorways and allows me to sit in relative comfort without hooking chairs. No position is 100% comfortable so you'll just have to figure out what works the best for you.

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    Strong arm apendix carry

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    4:00 IWB most of the time ...occasionally will move it to a holster in the door pocket if it gets uncomfy while driving long distances,

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