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Thread: How heavy is your CCW gun?

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    Don't worry so much as to the weight, but as the size. The smaller, the lighter, but usually less firepower. So you need to decide how much firepower do you want to carry, and what that's going to weight? Can you deal with that weight ?Personally, I switch back and forth between my Glock 23 and 27. I can use the same extra magazine to reload both guns. The .40 cal. is a great personal defense caliber.

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    As heavy as a P239 with 7+1 165 grain PDX1

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    now I want to go dig out my digital scale and see what my guns weigh when loaded. I couldn't find any specs on the actual cartridge weight for 147 gr Federal premium HST 9mm. All anyone lists is the bullet's weight. If I could find that, I could just calculate their loaded weights.
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  5. I carry a full size 1911 loaded and two extra magazines. I love it!

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    My EDC a Taurus PT 1911 A1 is 47.25 oz. loaded with 9 rounds in the mag +1 in the chamber and I have not problem with this as a carry (open or concealed). My alternate an XD40 is 37 oz. loaded with 12 rounds in the magazine +1 in the chamber.
    I have found that you notice the weight of the weapon for a couple of minutes after you get dressed and then it is just another part of you body. As it stands with my wallet, checkbook, keys, money clip and change there is another 17.25 oz. in my pockets. What's a couple more pounds especially when it could save your life.
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    30 oz. loaded. PT145 Taurus.

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    35.5 ounces, empty.

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    MY Bersa Thunder .380 weighs 23 ounces loaded. But the only weight a criminal notices is 90gr rounds.

  10. Don't know and don't care.

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  11. I weighed my Smith and Wesson M&P 40c, loaded with my holster and the total weight was 2 lbs 2 ounces.

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