Does anyone have a K&D holsters Cochise Defender
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Thread: Does anyone have a K&D holsters Cochise Defender

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    Does anyone have a K&D holsters Cochise Defender

    Does anyone have a K&D holster Cochise Defender, or any K&D holster? I am looking at one of the for my Ruger P345. It is a little hard to find holsters made for this pistol. I am currently using a Bianchi 100 for it. It works ok and is certainly worth the price I paid for it. I want something that I can adjust the cant on. These look really nice. Specially for the price. They are $65 and add $5 for an anti sweat panel. Any ideas or suggestions? I have also looked at the Crossbreed. I emailed the maker of these to see if they made one for the P345. He said they used a P89 mold for it. I have a P89 also, and it just doesn't seem like it would work. I do truly have to respect him for being honest with me. He could have just said, yes we have a mold.


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    I have heard nothing but good about the Crossbreed holsters. I'll bet you could try it out and return it if it doesn't work for a full refund.


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    I would say that you are correct. He said he had made many of them and had no complaints. There is something I like about all leather holsters. However, if I recall correctly the Crossbreed has a lifetime warranty and the K&D has a five year. iirc

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  5. DrD - hopefully this one posts, I've been trying to respond to you for a couple of days.

    I have several Cochise Defenders and there is no question that what K&D puts out are pieces of art, not just holsters. I suggest you pay the extra $5 for the skin shield piece of leather up the back side. I also have the baby brother mini defender for my Kel-Tec P3AT. These are all comfortable, easy to draw but very secure. In fact I have a video of shaking the holster upside down pretty vigorously and the pistol staying put, yet its still an easy draw when needed.

    I am sure there are other good manufacturers out there but I have A LOT of holsters and I can't say any of them are as good as the work that K&D does. It takes a long time to get, but well worth the wait.


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    I have a K&D 2 in 1 pocket defender. It took a long time to arrive, but was well worth the wait. Extremely well made, attractive bit of leather, perfectly fitted to my gun. Very comfortable, with nice stitching and extra detailing. I couldn't be more satisfied, and I'll be purchasing more from them in the future. And you really can't beat the price, for custom leather.

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    Thanks guys. I think when the extra funds arrive it will be for the K&D.

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  8. I've got a Cochise Defender and am very pleased with it. This is the first IWB I've used so I don't have anything to compare it to. The holster is molded, I think this is called boneing, to the gun perfectly, the stitching is uniform and secure, and the hardware functions as it should. It's dimensions seem to be perfect as well, for my body anyway. I forms itself to my body very well when I carry it in the 4:00 position. I'm not sure what any other holster could do that would make it a better choice than the K&D. I like it so much that I put in another order for an OWB model for the same gun.

    I had about a 10 week wait but it was well worth it. I'd recommend these holsters to anyone. The price was very reasonable as well considering the quality of work. I think you'll be pleased if you give them a chance.

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