HELP!!!....Looking for Holster.
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Thread: HELP!!!....Looking for Holster.

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    Talking HELP!!!....Looking for Holster.

    I've been checking out many web sites for a concealment holster. Recently I saw a IWB holster that held the gun canted to the right when worn in the middle of the back. The theory behind it, was a right handed shooter would reach behind himself, palm out, drawing the gun. This is rather like a reverse draw which would require the hand, once holding the gun to be pivoted when bringing the gun forward to be fired.
    Where I need help is, I can't remember which site I saw it on. If anyone familiar with this holster could drop me a hint, I would certainly appreciate it.
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  3. There are a number of these types of SOB/MOB holsters on Ebay. They can be purchased outright and be in your hands within the same week. I don't know which brand you are particularly interested in. SOB (small of the back) is a very good concealment method until you bend over.
    The draw back is that you are more prone to back injury incase you fall or get a hark knock in that area, or are driving a car. I will not lecture because I am sure that you know what is best for you. Good luck, hope this helped:)

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    Don Hume and Galco both make small of the back holsters. I don't believe either of these are IWB. I have a fairly cheap IWB from Desantis. It is a Tuck This. It came with two clips. One for strong side and one for small of the back, etc. I don't care that much for it though. It has some sharp edges that are irritating to me.
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    Check out Cross Breed. I have always liked thier holsters!!!!!
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  6. Yeah - I remember there was a thread on 'palm out' iwb/sob's on ... I'm not sure that the person looking found what he wanted. I do not know of any 'palm out' SOB's that are part of any maker's product line ...

    There are at least two holster makers that make IWB sob's ... both are kydex ... first is BearClaw Holsters and the second one is [must be senile I forgot].

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    Most major manufacturers make a SOB holster. I brief search should turn up leenty to choose from.


  8. Are you talking about this one?

    Galco's Middle of the back Holster.

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    When I was looking for a holster, I was advised to buy a cheap one first. Get used to the feel first, without having to spend an arm and a leg on something you hate. I started just as you're referring to, with an Uncle Mike's cheapie (less than $20). After a while, I decided that it was too uncomfortable to drive with the gun in my back. I bought another cheapie to try IWB at about the 4:00 position. I've since made up my mind that IWB is my preferred method over SoB, so I got a good IWB holster. Just some advice from my end....
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    Plus, there are schools of thought that dissuade people from SoB carry...during the draw, there's a point where the muzzle is aimed at your body. Plus, there's more interference during the draw. Also, the comfort factor I mentioned previously is a downside.
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  11. People I train with pupu sob for back injury if fallen on.

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