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Thread: Your feedback on my 1st conceal holster

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    Just remember, opinions are like belly buttons.....everybody has one. Here is mine, I carry my 1911 in a Bianchi 105, sz 14. Right side high on my hip with a cover shirt. I try-ed the IWB at 6 O'Clock but didn't like it at all. Every time I bent over it would print, Uncomfortable as heck to sit down and if you sit in a vehicle with a seatbelt it is impossible to get to it.I know some will say take it out when in a car, but what if it is someone else's car and you don't want them to know that you carry.

    I always carry cocked and locked.
    1. If things go south you don't need to worry about racking one in
    2. If some one was to grab your offside arm it is very hard to chamber a 1911 with your teeth.

  3. I'm a huge Milt Sparks fan. I have had several Versa-Max II holsters for SIGs, Glocks and now my EDC a Commander sized 1911... yes C&L, is there any other way? This holster is a close to perfect as an IWB holster can be and I highly recommend it.

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    The dynamic nature of individual physical differences, preferences, and so on means that if you want to find a really good holster, you're going to have to experiment unless you just happen to get lucky on the first try. There's no one-fits-all solution.

    Since you're in Minnesota and winter is fast approaching, you could probably go with an OWB rig and just wear a jacket over it for right now, while you look for with something that offers better concealment under a shirt. I often carry my Beretta FS92 that way with no printing, just using a zip-up windbreaker. Even if you never find an IWB that will be suitable, you can do different things to make OWBs work for you.
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    I have several of just about every type of holster there is. The draw back to a SOB as mentioned is if you land on your back it can cause serious injury. You have to be careful about bending over and flashing also. The main thing for me and shoulder holsters is I find them uncomfortable. They pull and put pressure on the base of my neck. Comfort is also the problem with most inside the waist band holsters. If I was a lot slimmer they might work better but they dig into my fat gut. I find the outside the waist band on strong side carry the best all around with occasions when I like a cross draw also.
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    Everyone posting on this thread so far has made some good points, and you should weigh all those things. Let us know what you end up settling on.
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    Well here is my two cents.

    All 1911's should be carried "Cocked & Locked",fully loaded with a round in chamber. That's how they were desighned to be carried.

    I love Kramer for all my concealed holsters.
    IWB holsters work great for "ME", they may not be comfortable,but carrying that way is comforting.
    I never print,and I can get to my gun FAST.

    But that's just ME.

    You will have to practice,train,and buy many holsters,to find out what's best for you.

    Take Care,
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