Your feedback on my 1st conceal holster
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Thread: Your feedback on my 1st conceal holster

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    Your feedback on my 1st conceal holster

    I'm looking to buy my 1st holster for best concealment and of course comfort, and I really would rather not have to experiment and have to buy multiple holsters. First off, I will be carrying a 1911 Springfield Champion .45 (4" barrel w/7 round mag) not a very fat grip but the butt is a little large. I'm a skinny guy and I do not wear excesively loose clothing, but pretty much can always have my shirt untucked. I borrowed a friends "thunderwear" (which would be inside the belt at pretty much 12 o'clock), and even with a sweatshirt covering it, to me it still seemed quite noticable. Maybe it was just me not being used to it, and I was looking for it. I'm just thinking that i'm too thin to try and conceal in front. I like the idea of a shoulder holster but of course not it warm weather, but i'm in Minnesota so I could make it work almost half of the year. I need to know if a shoulder holster will hold the gun tight to my ribs, not flop around. I'm just not sure what the drawbacks are to the S/H. So for the warm months, and I also do physical labor outdoors (in both good and bad parts of town)and need to stay cool, I'm considering a small of the back holster on the belt. I'm thinking that may be my best option. Whichever holster I use, I plan on learning a fast draw no matter what, i'll just have to take the time to practice. Also I forgot to mention that my gun is single action with ambi thumb safety, and of course also has the grip safety. I plan on carrying cocked and locked. Could someone also tell me the 3 levels of carry?
    I have heard that a single action 1911 should be carried cocked and locked, is that correct?
    I appreciate your comments, thank you

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    wolfhunter Guest
    As I remember it:
    Condition One is cocked and locked.
    Condition Two has magazine inserted, but no round in the chamber.
    Condition Three is unloaded.

    I have trouble remembering them because mine are always either cocked and locked, or unloaded for storage or cleaning.

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    I also carry a 1911, cocked and locked. I've carried this way for the past 3 years without any issue. I carry in a comp-tac Infidel IWB holster and love it. It holds the pistol snug and very comfortable. One other thing that I like about that holster is that for an extra $13 you can get the tucker strut for those times you need to dress up and tuck your shirt in. Hope this helps.

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  5. I would either go with one of the Comp-Tac's like Kimber described. They also make the Minotaur, which has the leather backing that acts as a sweat shield. The C-Tac is also great.

    The other one I really like is the Crossbreed Super Tuck. Very comfortable, and very concealable.
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    For the money the Crossbreed Supertuck is very nice. I did have one of my belt clips break, but they sent me 2 more in a matter of days under the lifetime warranty. I have never liked small of back carry. I simply could not sit down with a pistol sticking in my back.

    Good luck.

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    You will end up buying more holsters than you ever thought you would ...

    Thunderware ... the term "De-Coker" comes to mind ... not my choice.

    I do not like small of the back, as it hurts my back.

    I like my shoulder rig, desipe obvious issues (including the "Its pointed at someone "Line")
    and I like my belt holster...

    For both I wear a simple cover shirt... from thin to thick, short or long sleeved, Hawaii print to plane...

    IWB is not my idea of comfort either.

    I carry a full size Glock 21 or a 1911 - 5" and have little issue with being seen, and never questioned....

    This will be the first of s slue of opinions ... you will have to go with what wrks for you, not just other's opinions..

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    For the last year or so, I have used a Mernickle conceal carry belt holster. Mine doesn't have a thumb break, but I have never needed it. It holds the firearm secure without a problem. As you do physical labor, you may want to consider the thumb break (holds the firearm secure with physical activity). I have to have my shirt out, but holds my Springfield EMP close to my body. It is very concealed and is pretty comfortable too. I carry with one in the chamber, cocked, with the safety on. I have never had a problem.

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    The small of the back holster: if you were ever to fall on your back... You said you live in MN; gets a wee bit slippery up there now-n-then. Galco has a number of shoulder systems. They have an interesting one called the X-project that looks like it would hold your Springer close and snug and also allows it to be converted to a belt holster. 1911's are designed to be carried cocked and locked; it has 2 safeties. Good luck. Let us know.
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    Holster choices

    As others will tell will buy many and only like some. I can't stand IWB. I cannot find one that is comfortable and have quite a few of them. I have a Smart Carry and do like, but only with a compact weapon and not a full size. I love my Shoulder Holster (Galco Jackass Rig) for my Glock 30!!! I prefer to wear OWB now with a cover shirt. I always wear Hawaiian Shirts in Summer, fits well with the fact I am a surfer! I also utilize untucked shirts with longer shirt tails for cover. Most Polo Long Sleeve shirts work well. If I wear a suit, the suit coat covers well also. Also, my Patriots Tom Brady Jersey (Blue) covers well as does my Bruins Jersey and my Red Sox (away) jersey. You will do a lot of experimentation when it comes to mode of dress and holster selection. Go with what works for you.


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    I carry my Taurus PT1911 in a Bob Mernickle OWB holster. It works for me with a vest or light jacket. I use the same model for my Kahr CW9. My Sig P229 rides in a Galco Royal Guard IWB, but I'll probably end up with a Merenickle holster for it as well. Something about my build won't let me get by with just an untucked shirt, no matter which gun/holster combo I try.

    I also really like the Tactical 5.11 holster shirts, especially when I'm on my motorcycle.
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