Home made mattress holster...
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    Home made mattress holster...

    It's certainly not as attractive as the one I saw online for nearly 30 bucks but it'll sure do the job....lol.

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    Looks good, I am going to make one.

    Denny Shootsalot

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    Wasn't hard to make. I just used stuff from around the house to make it. All that is, is just a plain holster that's even removable so it can still be carried. I still may get a holster specifically for that to attach to it permanently.

    To the right of it is just a simple Mini Maglite flashlight holster that holds my magtac flashlight. It's attached permanently, tho...lol.

    I coulda waited and got me some 1x12 material and coulda made it so that it was wide enough to hold the gun, flashlight and a spare mag but, since I got 18 rounds of 40 caliber Black Ops frangibles in the Beretta and that my little Ruger sleeps on the night stand as well, I figured that was sufficient...lol. Overkill??...Home made mattress holster...Home made mattress holster...

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