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    Hey ya all!
    I carry a 1911 (5") and have tried multiple holsters...I seem to have found THE perfect one (for ME): "Wonder No Print" from clinger holsters.com

    They have a video that shows details...you can order for many different pistols and it took about 3.5 weeks to get mine but was worth the wait!
    (No I'm not affiliated with them)

    Their clip system keeps the pistol grips pulled in to the body at the heel very well, and there's adjustable retention and cant.

    I'd typically not bother posting a recommendation for something like this because people have so many different preferences. But if you carry a full size pistol IWB, this one is worth a try, especially if you're new to CC.

    They have mag carriers as well, but I usually keep a spare in a front jeans pocket and another in the back...a mag carrier is definitely better (quicker), but this way is my personal preference, except when wearing TruSpec 24/7 tactical pants that have side pockets above the cargo compartments that work very well for this.

    While talking about that, I can comfortably carry two 1911's IWB with those, 4 spare mags, and a ton of other stuff...

    Clinger holsters has other models I've not tried but judging from the quality of this one, I'd expect top notch makes on all their holsters.

    Have used Mitch Rosen, Galco, CrossBreed, and BlackHawk....like this one the best.

    Ya all take care & stay aware !

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Eidolon View Post
    Hardly but ok, I won't share what works for me cause it points to a product?
    Sure as hell I'd not put the URL in the message someone would've asked for it

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    Here's a place that has loads of 1911 holsters:


  6. Quote Originally Posted by SR9 View Post
    Here's a place that has loads of 1911 holsters:

    Nice :)

    Am currently convinced the one I'm using suits ME best, but there are some at that link I'd likely use too.
    I really like the adjustments for weapon retention and cant on my clinger. Plus it conforms to the belt line better than I've experienced with other kydex/leather hybrids.
    Used an AlienGear once & didn't like it at all.
    CrossBreed I liked but even after molding the kydex the retention wasn't as good.

    Regardless, thank you for the link.



  7. Gear 1911 is good to

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  8. Vedder light tuck works great for my Sig sp2022. I imagine it would work well for a 1911.

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