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    Hey, isn't that the dude that was doing a buck 10 on the interstate the other day? You got some truly interesting rigs there. I need to think about a project 1911 soon.

    1911's are still my favorite guns and I own both hammer and strikers in semi auto. I trained with the 1911 in service and they were reliable shooters, solid as a rock, and easy to maintain guns. Without getting into a caliber side discussion, I like shooting the .45.

    My current EDC is a Sig P938 and it is very accurate, compact, and rugged. It had ammo growing pains the first couple of hundred rounds and Sig was nails in resolving the issue.

    It's my least favorite gun to clean but I'm pretty quick at it now so am over the initial PIA factor. It's my most accurate shooter and I actually was going to change the trigger but no need after so many rounds through it as I thinks it's crisp and has a great break for me.

    The 9mm is a very good round, the gun only runs Hornady now, and having a condition 1 in my holster is very reassuring after training that way for so many years. I can't imagine not having at least one 1911 in my possession.

    The Place To Be
    Negative....I was doing a buck fifteen on a private road in Chino Valley all on a friend's property. I am within the 5-10MPH wiggle when I am on public roads. I don't feel like having Judge Friendly in Small Town AZ give me the "As a retired officer you should know better" speech, or getting pulled over by Daylight Patrol Service and having to hear a lecture from a 12 year old kid fresh out of the academy.

    I have shot the 938. It's a solid little shooter, but my preference for a sub compact is the Kahr CM40 and CW40. I tend to prefer DAO for pocket carry...just a personal preference.

    My problem is whenever I build a 1911 I really like...someone offers me a stupid amount of money for it and I get the "Oh yay, I get to do another project" stiffy and I sell it.

    I did the Springfield "Jampion" for a buddy's dad a couple of years ago. Damned thing ran like a Yugo when I got my hands on it...some goober with a bastard file "customized it" at a local gun shop...so I made it run and fixed all his damage.
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  3. I love my full size Springfield 1911A1 in 45acp. It is no longer my primary carry but I still shoot it often. Carry it on occasion still. My primary is now an HK.

  4. Right now I carry a Sig Sauer 1911 tacops 45 caliber

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by D-nice72 View Post
    Right now I carry a Sig Sauer 1911 tacops 45 caliber

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    Love how that one looks!

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    My favorite right now is a 1911 Commander made in Manila by a company called Metro Arms.

    When I first purchased it I had way too much trouble with it. I have been able to get it working
    and in the process acquired a bit of an education about how to work on a 1911.

    I wanted a smaller weapon for carrying, but my favorite gun store had this one and I tried it
    thinking I might sell it if I didn't like it. That was 4 years ago and I still have it.
    Long live the 1911!
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    Here's something fairly new from Ruger, made right here in Prescott Az. The Ruger SR1911 10MM:


  8. I have a Para Ordnance P12 it is a officer model that holds 12 rounds of .45

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  9. My 2 carry’s are a Dan Wesson CCO and RIA Officer.

    Training Gun is GSG 22 1911

    Next gun will be Gun Crafter model 5 50GI with 45 conversion.

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  10. Colt defender .45 All day

  11. I starting shooting this last May and bought my first gun a couple days ago. After holding many guns at shops and gun shows and renting guns I picked the Browning 1911-380 Black Label Pro Medallion with a 4.25" barrel. Shot it for the first time yesterday. Just a little bit more recoil that the Browning Buck Mark .22lr. My very first shot was a dead center bullseye! Of course the rest were not quite as good! :-) This was at 7 yards. I went through 50 rounds real quick. It felt really good, I believe I have small hands, so this pistol was an excellent fit for me.

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