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Thread: Any Problems With This CC Location?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cesarderio View Post
    I would be weary about pointing the weapon at my torso while unholstering. That could be an accident waiting to happen IMHO.
    Quote Originally Posted by PascalFleischman View Post
    The main argument against your method of carry (or SOB), is that at some point during the draw-to-fire, your muzzle will point at your body. Bad Ju-Ju.
    Good points, I never thought about that.

    Thanks to everyone...I appreciate it.

  3. I'd think drawing would be difficult with the trigger finger between the gun and your back. When I draw, my trigger finger is in register on the frame of the gun. Most, if not all, carry positions place your trigger finger on the outside of the gun. Even a traditional SOB holster places the trigger finger on the outside.

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