Looking at purchasing the Kahr CW9 and 380.
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Thread: Looking at purchasing the Kahr CW9 and 380.

  1. Looking at purchasing the Kahr CW9 and 380.

    Iíve never shot either. But if you carry these, Iíd like to hear your pluses and minuses. Holster, ever dealt with kahr customer service? Love it?Hate it? Thank you

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  3. I have a CW9 and a CT380. I have no negative feedback for the CW9. It's everything I want and need in a CCW. Light weight, thin, points well, shoots well, and accurate. I carry AIWB at 12 o'clock and it disappears under an untucked shirt.

    The CT380 is the same for me, but I'm the only one in my family that can make it run. My wife and daughters can't rack it or shoot it consistently. Any grip issues and it will jam. I imagine the CW380 would be worse. Since the CT380 was to be my wife's daily carry, I'm probably going to trade it off soon.

    I thought about a CM9, but I don't see the point of going smaller because the CW9 is small enough to suit all my needs.

    I don't have any experience with Kahr's customer service.

    I carry in a holster similar to the Clinger Atom which can be found new on eBay.

    KahrTalk forum is the best source of information about the Kahrs.

  4. I have a CM9 and a ct380. I carry the 380 in a sticky holster weakside rear pocket. I carry the CM9 Appendix in a Vedder holster. Tha cm9 has been flawless through several hundred rounds. The ct 380 is a bit more ammo picky. Mine didnít like Geco or Perfecta ammo, the rims wonít fit under the extractor. Feeds other brands including hollowpoints fine. I installed a lakeline striker and magguts to two magazines. They give it an extra round and are more reliable. The Kahr 380 strikers have been problematic, they sometimes crack, which is why I replaced mine before it happened. My CM9 has lakeline followers in the magazine. They are aluminum not plastic like the originals. I like my 380 fine, but if I were to consider a different one I would probably go with the Remington rm380. It has great reviews and feels great in my hand. The CM9 is just plain awesome! It is small, light, accurate and the recoil isnít bad at all. I feed it with federal 147 gr hst for carry.

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    Don't have these, but my wife's daily carry is a CM9. Great gun, smooth long trigger pull like a nice revolver. Only complaint is that it has a really hard slide to retract.

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