Replacement Grips on S&W 340PD
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Thread: Replacement Grips on S&W 340PD

  1. Replacement Grips on S&W 340PD

    I recently picked up a S&W 340PD. It's a nice little personal defense pistol that I'm becoming accurate for close range if i stick with .38 ammo. My biggest concern is the shock the backstrap gives my old arthritic hands when i use the standard grips. I tried a Hogue nylon one piece grip that is designed for J frames, but it doesn't quite seat right. Does anyone have any suggestions for a grip that does fit?

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    Have you thought about trying the Crimson Trace grips?

  4. Try some Uncle Mike's j-frame combat grips. They've been discontinued but there are always a few available on Ebay. They cover the backstrap and are comfortable for shooters with larger hands. Alternatively, the OEM rubber combat grips from Smith & Wesson do a good job of covering the back strap and absorbing recoil. They're very similar to the Uncle Mike's, just a bit slimmer.

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