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    I was checking out the crossbreed holster site and watched the video they have and it looks like it hides the gun very well indeed.I just haven`t been a big fan of IWB holsters all though i do own two.I just haven`t found one yet that is comfortable to me that is.I guess i`m just fussy when it comes to an IWB holster and finding one that suits me in the comfort department.
    I think comfort depends as much if not more on the gun than the holster. I carry a Kahr PM 9 in a UBG IWB and it is very comfortable. I forget it's there. The Kahr can be carried in the pocket (with pocket holster) as well if I wear the right pants, but I find the IWB more comfortable than pocket carry. Plus I have a pocket usable for other things.

    As to IWB vs OWB it may not be the best solution but many IWB can be worn as OWB just by slipping the holster outside the waistband, but inside the belt.

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    "As to IWB vs OWB it may not be the best solution but many IWB can be worn as OWB just by slipping the holster outside the waistband, but inside the belt."

    That's my solution at the present time, but it's not very stable. With the single point connection for OWB, the gun rotates too much, nor does it have a comfortable cant to it. Also, due to differing positions of beltloops, I can't get one constant location.
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    Fobus and Garrity's Gunleather

    Depending on the situation, I turn to either Fobus or Garrity's Gunleather. On most occasions, I'll be using my Fobus OWB paddle roto-holster for my Glock 23 equipped with my Surefire X300 tactical light, and Fobus ankle holster for my Glock 27. My Fobus holsters are made of Kydex, which makes re-holstering very quick and easy, and most importantly it doesn't mold. If it's a more "formal" occasion, then I'll use my Garrity's Gunleather shark skin OWB holster. The OWB works great with my un-tucked 5.11 tactical shirts, or under a suit jacket, blazer or sports coat.
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  5. There is a company, & for the life of me I can't remember their name, that makes a IWB/OWB combination holster that you can remove the fore & aft belt straps to reveal belt slots. Really great looking holster. If I run across it I will send the link.


    Heres the link.....FIST makes them.
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    Just like most, I do not have the money to throw away on every holster thats ever been made only to sift thru the mountains of leather to find the one that will do what I need it to do, comfortably. I have discovered the "bargin bins" at local gun stores and pawn shops. With some patience, you can find just what you are looking for at a bargan price. I don't ever recall paying more than $7 for a leather holster and I have not spent a fortune on holsters either. Take your time, visit many bargin bins and you may stumble across that "perfect" holster, already broke in too!
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  7. Hay do you have a good used shoulder holster for a 4" 45.Belts are really hurting my back and I need to go another route.

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    Thanks for the reference to FIST. Hopefully, I'll be ordering my first "real" holster sometime soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PascalFleischman View Post
    Alright everyone, I'm ready to tap into that vast fountain of collective knowledge. Here's my problem:

    I'm ready to graduate to a new holster. I've carried now for a year in cheapie nylon holsters, and now I've figured out my preferred method (well, actually methods). I just can't find a leather holster that fits both. What I'm looking for is a leather holster that will ride OWB without rubbing the grip of my gun under my armpit. I want this holster to also be tuckable should I decide to carry a little more secretly. Is there a holster that's made to be either/or OWB/IWB?

    Oh, and I have an obscure carry pistol, so that'll make things a little more complicated. So this holster will need to fit a Beretta 9000s.

    Thanks in advance!
    Talk about raising the dead....but since I saw this topic I thought I would mention that there is indeed a convertible holster available. I make the Mason-Dixon(tm) which converts from a belt slotted OWB pancake style holster to a tuckable and adjustable IWB....all for the cost of a typical custom made holster. These holsters are crafted of the finest cowhide and horsehide available and can be trimmed with shark, cowhide or horsehide if the wearer desires.....but they work just fine for one-handed reholsters without reinforcement...unless of course you tighten your belt so much that your eyeballs pop out!

    Here is one with the attachments in place for IWB carry....

    Here is one without the attachments ready to be worn OWB:

    Hope this helps...
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    My vote is for the Crossbreed Tuckable. I have on for my Glock 19 and my Kimber Ultra CDP II. they are by far the most comfortable IWB Holster I have ever owned. Believe me I have a drawer full of IWB's I have tried.

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